What is a "Referral Brotherhood"? Purpose of This Site?


Hello. For a long time, it has been approximately 10 years, I have been following the Crypto Money ecosystem and I have been buying and selling for over 3 years. In addition, I have been following the developments in the world of Crypto Money and Blockchain since 2009. During this time, I gathered information about "Technical and Fundamental Analysis" and received training on them.

I have written about Cryptocurrency and Blockchain ecosystem and I have written some articles. Also, I intend to convey my knowledge and experience about Cryptocurrency exchanges by keeping user satisfaction at the highest level.

During this time, I have done mathematical studies on Technical indicators and Fibonacci numbers and made new discoveries on Technical indicators and Fibonacci numbers.

One of them is my work called "Crypto Bull vs Bear Index", which I think will benefit all humanity. I think that this study will guide Cryptocurrency investors to some extent. Some of my works are still in progress.💭

The technology and ecosystem of "Cryptocurrency and Blockchain" is so vast that I liken the Blockchain network to galaxies in outer space scattered in endless fractals, and I thought it was inevitable that all Blockchain networks would eventually merge.

Based on exactly this thought, I established a pragmatic formation in the Crypto Money reference ecosystem. "Referral Brotherhood"{alertSuccess}

What is the Purpose Of This Site?

In the reference system in the Crypto Money ecosystem in the world, there is only a reference sharing that provides a great return to the reference owner, and this rate is quite high.

I wanted to change some things on reference by looking at this idea from a different perspective and by adopting the philosophy that everything in the world gets better when shared, I established the "Referral Brotherhood" by dreaming of why I am not establishing a pragmatic formation.

In Conclusion

In short, on this platform, information about Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology and ecosystem will be shared, as well as reference shares of Cryptocurrency exchanges. In addition, informative topics will be included in terms of understanding and comfortable use of Cryptocurrency exchanges.

Note: "All content on this website is copyrighted."

Not: "Bu web sitesindeki tüm içerik telif hakkıyla korunmaktadır."

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