What is Referral in Cryptocurrency Exchanges?

In this article, we will explain what the referral is in cryptocurrency exchanges.

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With the increase in the world population, the number of people investing by spending their assets on various investment instruments is also increasing. The crypto money market has been developing since the day it was born and it manages to attract new investors to the sector every day.

If you say it's time to buy Bitcoin and Altcoin and invest, I found the crypto money exchange I want and if you think I should register, do not register with that exchange right away!

Why? Because; If you become a member without a reference, you will lose a lot of discounts and similar things. When you become a member with a reference to cryptocurrency exchanges, you get discounts and various gifts.{alertInfo}

Why Should I Register With Referral?

You pay a certain percentage of commission in the transactions made in the stock exchanges, that is, in the buying-selling transactions. For example, you bought 1000$ of Bitcoin from X Exchange. X exchange deducts a certain commission fee from you within the framework of its own commercial regulations. These commissions are Spot - Margin (Leveraged) - Futures (Future) and many transactions.

For investors buying Bitcoin and Altcoins, the lower the commission rates, the better. This is where it becomes clear how important it is to be a member of a cryptocurrency exchange with reference. With a real reference of course. 😊

Here, I would like to tell you the following. There are hundreds of cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Different from each other, they organize reference sharing programs.{alertWarning}


What are the Exchange Types According to User Satisfaction?

While one cryptocurrency exchange can give a 60% commission discount, another exchange does not give any discounts. Or another exchange is content with just giving gifts. I will try to explain the crypto money exchanges with a few sub-titles such as those who give discounts and those who do not and those who only give gifts.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges Where Referral Sharing and Commission Discounts are Closed

Reference sharing feature is disabled in this type of exchanges. The exchange is open to transactions with the current commission fees in the commercial directive.

In this type of exchanges, user satisfaction decreases and they lose registered members over time, which causes a decrease in the trading volume and liquidity in the exchange.💀{alertError}

Due to these features, they are not included in the reference sharing links on the "Referral Brotherhood" site.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges With Referral Sharing and Commission Discounts Open

In this type of exchanges, commission discounts are open due to the reference sharing feature. It is open to transactions with the current commission fees in the stock market commercial directive and additionally, they offer plus discounts at certain rates or just give gifts.

This type of exchanges also increase user satisfaction and gain registered members over time, which causes an increase in the transaction volume and liquidity in the exchange.{alertSuccess}

Because of these features, they are included in the reference sharing links on the "Referral Brotherhood" site. It is this type of exchange that interests us. I will divide these exchanges into 3 sub-categories among themselves. The best is the 3rd one.😊👼

Gift-Only Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Such exchanges are content to distribute various gifts to their users. For example; It gives a gift of 10$ USDT to the member who becomes a member of X Exchange with the reference of the reference owner. Some exchanges only give this award to the reference owner, and some exchanges to both the reference owner and the new registrant. The features vary depending entirely on the commercial directive of the current exchange. If the exchange has its own discount Token for Buy-Sell transactions on the Exchange, that Token can be used. If not, they apply the trade commissions in their current guidelines.

As a result; Commission discount and gift feature is the type of exchange that is one step ahead of closed exchanges, so we can briefly say that the best of the bad, but much better options await us.{alertInfo}

Cryptocurrency Exchanges That Only Offer Commission Discounts

Such exchanges give additional commission discounts to their users. For example; It gives 40% additional commission discount in Buy-Sell transactions to those who become a member of X Exchange with the reference of the reference owner. Thanks to these discounts, transaction fees are like a bird and user satisfaction increases. Depending on the trade directive of the current exchange, the commission discount features vary. If the exchange has its own discount Token for Buy-Sell transactions on the Exchange, that Token can be used.

As a result; Since the commission discount is open, it is the type of exchange that is one step ahead of most exchanges, in short, we can say good-nice exchanges, but there is a much better option. Yes, I left the best for last😆{alertInfo}

Cryptocurrency Exchanges with Commission Discount, Gifts and Special Exchange Token with Commission Discount

These types of exchanges are the best cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. They are loved by users. If I were to give examples of these exchanges: Binance Global, Gate.io, MEXC, Kucoin, HTX... can be given as examples. Of course, the list could be extended further.

This type of exchange has a flexible reference system. Current stock market commission discounts are high. These types of exchanges issue their own special discount Tokens, and users will have additional commission discounts by holding these Tokens. They also distribute gifts to their users with regular events.

In this way, the crypto money exchange in the top 20 in the world consolidates its place. Because; The more user satisfaction, the more new registered members will come.

We can call this type of exchanges the most beautiful exchanges in the crypto money market.{alertSuccess}

What is the Importance of Equal Shared Referral?

We have written so much, we have learned the best crypto money exchanges about discount rate. Let's come to the importance of equally shared reference.

Friends, people's trust in people has decreased so much that we have a ton of questions before buying or using whatever we find on the internet.

Usually, the first users to enter crypto currency exchanges open an account in their own domestic exchange, and then most crypto money investors who cannot meet their expectations, open an account in exchanges such as Binance and Gate.io. Of course, during this relocation, I know everything, 10%, 20%, 30%, 40% .... discounted in the market, so selfish in the market and you only sign up with references that provide profit and return to the reference owner, and you make a huge mistake.

Is the reference you used while registering real?😨😰{alertError}

Today, reference codes are shared on many social networking platforms such as Youtube and Twitter.

How many of these codes will benefit you?

How many are real references?

That's why I founded the "Referral Brotherhood" and shared this post.

Now read carefully what I wrote below. I am not writing this article to necessarily use the sibling and equally shared references on the "Referral Brotherhood" website. It's up to you whether to use it or trust it.

Don't Trust Every Reference Link You Find

Believe me, 95% of these referral codes are fake. Yes, it's incredible, but 95% of them are references that only bring returns to the reference owner and are of no use to the new registrant.

Now, how come I can hear you saying that you opened a 40% (Discount) discount Binance account just yesterday, but unfortunately this is the truth.💀{alertWarning}

Unfortunately, human beings are always greedy due to their psychology. People who do not like to share, especially when money is involved, become even more greedy and act entirely in line with their own interests.

That's why when it comes to sharing and equality, the number of false and fake references can reach incredible proportions. I keep writing 😈

Fake, False and Selfish Referral Sharers [95% In This Group]

First of all, let me share this, because I wrote this article, these people will attack me, there will be no words or insults they did not say.

I'm aware that maybe they will slander me, but I will choose the "Referral Brotherhood" side. 💪

Now I will explain these people to you with an example;

For example, X referrer has 40% Binance exchange referral code. Person X is selfish, greedy and he is in a money-filled mode :) Person Y opens a membership by believing and using the reference code of person X and is caught like a fly falling into a spider web. Yes, the example was a bit like a BBC documentary.

Now what happened? X reference holder made 40% profit from every trade Y made on the Binance exchange, so for example, person Y traded $100, and person X received 0.4 cents. So what did person Y gain nothing at all, yes a big zero. I can hear you say what did I do💀

Real, Accurate and Equal Shared Referral Sharers [5% In This Group]

Now I will explain the event to you again with an example;

For example, X referrer has a 40% discounted Binance exchange referral code. This person is a sibling and shares an equally shared referral. He logs into his Binance account, creates a new referral code, and creates a new referral code, 20% to himself, 20% to the new member. What happened now X referrer earns 20% gain from Y member, Y member earns 20% from X referrer. So, for example, whether X reference owner or Y member makes a 100$ transaction, they both receive 0.2 Cent commission reduction in cash [Cashback], that is, in the form of coins.

This is what is called the real discount (Discount). What did I do, I signed up with the wrong reference, I also did KYC, now I hear you say how can I open a new Binance account with the equal shared “Referral Brotherhood” reference.

Friends, do not forget that an equally shared reference link cannot be created in every cryptocurrency exchange. Unfortunately, some cryptocurrency exchanges do not have such an application. Some exchanges only share rewards in the form of gifts. “Referral Brotherhood” provides information on the subject under the relevant stock exchange reference sharing article.😊👈👉😸{alertSuccess}

Note: "All content on this website is copyrighted."

Not: "Bu web sitesindeki tüm içerik telif hakkıyla korunmaktadır."

Referral Brotherhood

The author, who has been following Blockchain Technologies and the Cryptocurrency world since 2010, founded the "Referral Brotherhood" platform in 2021. The author, who loves science and astronomy, conducted mathematical studies on Fibonacci numbers and developed certain algorithms. In 2022, he discovered the application called "Crypto Bull vs Bear Index" and the first stable version of V.1.0 was published on 09.05.2022. In this way, it filled a huge gap in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The author, who has received technical analysis, Blockchain technologies and digital marketing training, is fluent in the Pinescript programming language. Crypto Bull vs Bear Index

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